Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dummy guide to Makeup for the Bride-to-Be

Before I entered college I knew zilch about Makeup. I had put on kajal just a couple of times in 11th resulting in my brother telling me that my eyes have grown mustaches :/

4 years of college taught me basic makeup skills, add another couple of years of working under a designer and I could do full makeup in under 15 min while driving a car. It wasn't until I got engaged that I realized  I just know one way of putting makeup. So I did what any girl does, I YouTubed.

I know a lot of girls who have never ever had makeup on. If you are one of them and are too scared and confused, here are video's that are extremely basic! If you know nothing watch these two videos and your good to go!

1. Be Beautiful : Easy Office Makeup  
Although it says Office Makeup the video is great to learn just the basics. Akriti, the beauty blogger at Be Beautiful gives great advice during the video.

Infact log on to Youtube and do watch the rest of her videos. I loved the "How to dress up for a party in 10 minute" video. She teaches you how to do a great smoky eye in very easy steps!!

PS : Don't get scared by the many brushes! While your still learning get a basic makeup brush kit and it will probably have everything.

2. If you think the above is still a bit complex, see the video below. Totally Basic!

She uses products that are not available in India but the brands are! You can get any BB cream, any compact, any concealer, Maybelline Mascara and Maybelline Baby lips gloss.

Buy Your Basics :

1. BB Cream/Foundation (Start with BB creams so you get use to looking at yourself with a bit of makeup and then upgrade to Foundation for functions)
2. Compact (Must for Oily Skin or if your nose is oily)
3. Concealer (Only if you have uneven skin, if you are happy with your skin then no need, I have never used one)
Eyeliner ( I use Loreal superliner )
4. Kajal ( I use Incolor, in many colors )
5. Mascara ( I use Maybelline Colosal)
6. Basic eye shadow kit (I use Revlon Cream Shadows in 'Not Just Nudes')
7. Lipstick/Lipgloss ( I love Loreal Lipgloss Glam Shine 200 )

Point to remember : Practice, practice, practice! Nothing will improve your makeup skills better than practice!

Let me know if this helped :)


  1. Ein sehr schönes Video, aber vor allen Dingen auch sehr informativ. Da kann ich doch noch einiges dazu lernen.

    1. "danke, ich bin froh, es hat euch gefallen"

      thanks, I am glad you liked it


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