Friday, October 18, 2013

Karva Chauth Special: Tanishq's perfect app!

A few day ago my mother-in-law comes up to me and says "Acha beta Baya kay liye humarey yaha mathis raktey hai, teek hai, apni mummy ko bata dena"

"baya?!" I wondered.

My mother-in-law spends the next 15 minutes trying to explain how there have to be 6 glasses with mathis on top and a jug full of rice along with 2.5 clothes.

Now my MIL is extremely sweet and shy, she hates asking for anything, so by the end of it all I am super confused of what I have to give and what I have to get. Its decided in the end, that my mom and my mother-in-law will discuss it among themselves. *phew* problem solved!

It wasn't until I downloaded the Tanishq app that I really figured out what baya or Baayna really is.

Me and my mom are HUGE Tanishq fan, My bridal sets for all my wedding functions are from Tanishq so I know what the company stands for, and when I heard they had this Karva Chauth app I just had to check it out!

I won't say the app has every single ritual listed on it, that will be just to many. But what it does have is a great synopsis of rituals, little things that people expect you to know.

I have to go home for my first Karva Chauth, when my mom heard about it she started to freak "I cant watch you not eat or drink, dont come here" My mom is worried that the moon will be too late, now I can tell her what exact time it will be out, the app has a great moon time forecast for most major cities in India, AND it has a countdown till the moon rises!! Mine reads 4days, 6hours and 51mins till the Karva Chauth moon rise.

This picture was obviously taken yesterday :P
There is a fun side to the app too, it has a chalni. When you put that on, your phone camera acts as one. Also, your husband can download the app, put a gift for you on the moon, the app then sends you a message and you can go retrieve your gift by putting in your birthday and a pin code sent in the message.

Note to self : Must download app to husbands phone!

All in all, I love the app, download it and let me know if you like it??

Download it on your Android phone from Google Play

PS: What are you wearing at Karva Chauth? I am wearing my wedding lehenga.

Check out the wedding files to see some of the Tanishq Jewelry I wore

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