Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Breaking Norms..

I love how the new Tanishq and the Azva ads shows a new image of the bride, the real image of the bride.

I absolutely love the chubby cheeks of the Azva bride.

When you see the ad it makes you want to go 'googly-woogly-wush'. The background setting is an old tree, which looks stunning and innovative. (me wants that on my destination wedding on our 5th anniversary)

As for the Tanishq Bride, blogs and e-news have gone dusky-crazy. I honestly didn't notice that the bride was 'dusky', what I did notice was the amazing pink-ish lehenga she had on, with a matching beautiful neck piece (that I want!); and who could miss that cute child that wants to go round-and-round with her mom and new daddy. Kudos for making re-marriage look as special, it is certainly a step towards acceptance in the rigid society.

See the ads here :



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