Monday, October 7, 2013

From Store to D-day

Ever wondered if the lehenga you brought would look ok on D-day? Was it a right purchase??

Here are things to do while going shopping for the main function outfits :

1. Put on some makeup.

2. Have your hair neat and tidy, and if you can, then tie it in a way you would want to on the function day.

3. Don't have a distracting nailpaint on. Clean nails or if you already know the color you want then that.

4. If your jewelry is decided then keep that in mind.

5. Once you are doing a trial, step as far away from the mirror and then see yourself.

And remember pictures on your camera phone don't really look the same as the professional pictures.

During trial I had the same jewelry with me in my bag, so could see how the look would be.

I tried this one as a Saree style in the shop as well, but liked it better with the front draped. On the function day however I decided to do Saree style since I was doing front palla on my Mehendi too. Hmmm...although now I think I should have stuck to front drape.

The Second chunni of the Lehenga was made later, but during trial I asked for another red Chunni of some other lehenga just to see how it would look.

This was an impulse buy, it was suppose to be a yellow saree but I feel in love with this golden lehenga Saree.


  1. So beautiful!!! Lehenga as well as lehenga sarees are in trend at the time of the wedding. Every person buys some different style , so that she looks different.


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