Sunday, October 6, 2013


Winner of our Bridal Shoot Giveaway : Vrinda Aghi!

Why do you deserve to win? Tell us your Story.

We saw, we met and fell in love. It was a typical arrange marriage set up. Our parents met at a coffee shop. We were given some time to talk. I kept chatting incessantly and he kept gazing at me. 

The next day, we met again & the day after too....

Little did we know that a big bomb would be dropped on us soon, my mom who is an ardent astrologer went to a pandit ji, who gave a no for our match. My mom told me the news and I was shocked. She told the parents and we decided to wrap it up. 

When I almost thought that it was all over, I saw his strong determination to fight back, he did not take a no for an answer. Our parents then consulted few other astrologers, who gave a go ahead and we were finally rokaoed ;)

I have a got a beautiful set of parents in his parents, a loving sister in law, the most amazing jiju which tag along with a set of nephews who are the love of my life. What more could I ask for?

He is god sent for me! :) 

Getting married into the family who owns Roshans she is wearing a lehenga from there and is a true red-green traditional bride (my fav!). She has booked Plum Salon for the D day!

Congratulations and have a great life ahead and a rocking wedding day!!

We received so many entries and such beautiful stories it was really hard to pick. 

From a girl who's planning the whole wedding herself with her fiance half way across the world, to the tomboy who wants to do all things girly to prepare her for the best day of her life. 

However this Bollywood arranged-love story caught our heart.

Really wish we could have given you all a chance to participate. More pictures coming soon!

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