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Karva Chauth Story

Festive seasons here and to all of us who got married within a year its our first Karva Chauth! So to those who don't know the story behind Karva Chauth here it is :

Long Long time ago....

It was Veeravati's first Karva Chauth, she was the youngest in seven brothers and one sister, she came to her mother's house to stay for the festival. (Like us newly weds will go)

 Her mother-in-law affectionately sent sargai for her. She put mehndi on her hands along with her mother and bhabhi's and did sargai in the morning before sunrise and kept her fast.

By the evening the brothers got worried that how can their little sister live without food and water till night. They consulted among themselves and decided that they will create artificial moon for their sister.

Two brothers went to the forest and burnt a diya, and covered it with a Channi to create an image of the moon. The other brothers went home and said let's go sister the moon has risen. All her bhabhis kept quite. Sister said "let's go Bhabhi the moon has risen, lets worship the moon and offer ark (water offered to the moon). All the Bhabhi said "So early only your moon could have risen, You go." and they laughed and ignored her.

She did not understand. She hurriedly took the pooja material to the terrace, from distance she thought that the moon had risen.

She offered her worship and ark to the moon. 

She sat down post the pooja to eat, when she took the first bite a hair appeared, (I forgot what happened in the second bite) and when she took the third bite a messenger came running from her sasural  that her husband has become seriously ill. By the time she reached her in-laws her husband had died.

Doctors were called but nobody could understand the sudden death. Then the family enquired from priests and Astrologers. They told them that this has happened because the girl has eaten, after seeing the artificial moon. 

Now the only solution is that the girl must keep next year karwa chauth. Then her husband will be well and will live long.

Next year Karwa chauth arrived, her mother sent sargai for her. As per the tradition, she did sargai and kept fast. Her mother also sent material for baya, karwa and money.

In the evening, all married ladies dressed up wore chunari, making preparation for the pooja, she waited to exchange karwa with Gaur Maata.

When the first Gaur Maata arrived. The girl held her feet and pleaded her
" O'Gaur Maata, Please exchange karwa with me."
After lot of pleading Gaur Maata sat with her and said
"Sister of seven brothers karwa le",
"Jo bhukhi naa reh sake (who can't stay hungry) karwa le",
"Jo payasi naa reh sake (who can't stay thirsty) karwa le",
"Jo Chalni meh chaand dakhe (One who see moon in sieve) karwa le."
She begged her again and again to say "Le Suhaagan Karwa Le" Gaur Maata said, "I won't say this. My other sisters will come, you make them say." And after saying this, she went away.

After some time 2nd Gaur Maata came and she also went away saying what the earlier one had said. In this way they came one by one when the ninth Gaur Maara came, the girl was worried. When she begged her again and again and held her feet, then Gaur Maata said," when my youngest sister will come, you ask her , I will not say. My sister is scary looking but good at heart, don't let her go, make her say it."

After some time 10th Gaur maata came. She had dark complexion, had big teeth, horrible face and was wearing lot of jewelry. When she heard the small girl pleadings, she sat down with her to exchange karwa and like other Gaur Maata's said
"Sister of seven brothers karwa le",
"Jo bhukhi naa reh sake (who can't stay hungry) karwa le",
"Jo payasi naa reh sake (who can't stay thirsty) karwa le",
"Jo Chalni meh chaand dakhe (One who see moon in sieve) karwa le."

The girl fell on her feet and said "O' Mother please forgive my mistakes, Please say "Le suhaagan karwa le". If you will say this , my husband will live. I will always worship you. Please bless me.

On girls repeated pleading, Gaur Maata felt pity for her and said-Let it be so and said "Le suhaagan karwa le" and the girl said "de suhaagan karwa de". Then, the same thing was repeated by both of them in reverse order. When they said this ten times Girls husband was well again. Everybody touched Gaur Maata's feet"

There are many stories associated with this festival but this is my favorite story and the one read at my home.

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