Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Newly Wed's Guide to dressing for Karva Chauth.

My first Karva Chauth is coming up on Tuesday, and I am excited to wear my wedding lehenga again! I really hope it fits, there has been a lot of weight gain post wedding :(

My mom called up yesterday saying I need to get my Nosepin and Mang tikka too. I realized dressing up for Karva Chauth is almost like dressing up for your wedding. There are so many things you must have.

I am packing to go over to my mothers place, so here is the list of things:

1. Wedding Lehenga: Confused if you should wear it or something simpler?! Wear the lehenga! Its one of the few times you get to wear it. Wearing it the whole day would ofcourse be too tiresome so I would probably wear something light during the day and change into my lehenga near pooja time.

2. Nose Pin and Mang tikka : I guess this depends family to family, I have to wear it, dont know if all new brides have to ? Does anyone know?

3. Necklace and Earrings : Well you should complete the look, shouldn't you!?

4. Chudi or Chuda : Depending upon if your punjabi or not do wear your complete chuda or glass Chudiya, its for 'shagun'.

I wanted to get a chuda for Karva Chauth, my family isn't punjabi so I wore glass bangles which are 'shub' for us and I thought I will wear a chuda just for a different look for a while starting on karva chauth; but when I went to the market and tried it on, I dropped the idea. Punjabi girls how do you wear them for so long!!??? The whole thing is like an armor you cant move your hand at all!

So I am sticking to my glass bangles which I can atleast take off at the end of the day..

5. Payal and Bichua : A mark of a married women, infact I and a lot of girls wear them though out their life post wedding. If you dont then do wear them for Karva Chauth.

I am planning to wear my janjar's, then ones I wore at my wedding. They are huge and start hurting after a bit but I love them! :D

6. Sindoor and Bindi : I don't think I need to elaborate why on this!

7. Hair and Makeup : A lot of families have big huge gathering so obviously as a newly wed you must look pretty and perfect. Keep your hair loose and relaxed opposite to what you had on your wedding day and a more 'you' makeup. It will probably be just me and my mom at our pooja so I will do something totally minimal on my own.

Havn't done makeup on your own ever?! Read this old post on easy makeup tips :

8. Mehendi : A must! I remember once my mom didn't have time to get mehendi done and I was in Mumbai so my brother helped put mehendi on my mothers hand, yes there was a mehendi smiley on her hand, but it was mehendi nonetheless.

Got mine done at South Extention Part 2, Mehendi wala said it will take half and hour, it took 2 hours! The result is good though, really 'barik' and has come out dark.

Got a little done on my feet as well..

9. Add on's : Go all out, its the only day of the year you can get to be a 'bride' again, specially if its your first Karva Chauth! Rings, armbands, kamarband, etc, etc, nothing is too much :)

10.Camera : You'r getting dressed in your prettiest! make sure you take plenty of pictures!


  1. It's my first Karwa Chauth too! I'm so excited :) Thanks for this advice!

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  3. I wore my wedding lehenga on this karva chauth! Thanks for the advice :)


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