Monday, August 27, 2012

A must thing before your wedding

Go on a holiday!

I know most of you will plan that, with your friends or fiance. But what is most important is to plan a holiday with your family. 

Post marriage you will be a part of a big huge extended family, so better to go when you can, just you, your parents and your siblings.

Do whatever you wish to! and make sure all wedding talks are off the table.

Our preferred pre-wedding trip to : Udipur and Jaipur,  All 5 days of the trip we talked about everything except the wedding.

Shilpgram in Udipur,
They have tiny huts made all around the  area exactly how earlier people used to live in older time

You can also Learn Pottery!!

The parks there also have tiny monuments made.....this was a library inside a huge park

View from the Udipur Palace

Old Cars at the car museum, they serve great thali's there at lunch and dinner 

Udipur palace

Light and Sound show at Udipur


Oh, I did shop a bit ;P

Jaipur palace

Carriage, anyone?! 
Shopped a bit in the palace shops

Snake charmer outside the Jaipur palace

Hawa Mahal, nothing really to see in it just the exterior

Chowki Dani, Jaipur
Chwoki Dani, The Most fun part of the trip

Shooting, archery, bowling, basketball, everything was there

Wrestling, Indian style!

I won at Snakes and Ladder!! :D
Its life size, so you have to move around

Also we sat on the old style ferry wheels, bullock cart, saw dances, visited the palmist, got cards read by the parrot astrologer! went into a maze! Got spooked from an old forests!

Dinner with live entertainment, Raja style

Nobody except me liked the food, so cant comment on that

Got Mehendi put lastly :D

All Brides-to-be, I advice you very strongly to go on a vacation with your family, even if its for 2 days. Just do go before the wedding!!


  1. me too loved chaukidhani and amberfort and aamer fort!!! yes, a vacation with family is so imp.

  2. I couldnt agree with you more! Planning to go to goa before the wedding.

    I dont know why but I am being able to access your blog after a long time!! Laptop got stolen from my house and only your site was blocked in office.

    1. Goa! nice :)

      OMG! your laptop got stolen, how!??

      not sure how to react about the blocked part, am I that dangerous ;P


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