Thursday, June 6, 2013

Who is the Crazy Indian Bride?

Crazy Indian Wedding started as a distraction from all the wedding maddness. Once my wedding date was fixed I quit my job and spent all my time planning and getting ready for the BIGGEST day of my life!

The days leading upto the wedding I had just one project 'Mission Marriage' and hence the birth of of this blog. I gathered so much information that I decided to help the brides in need. Even though I tied the knot on 24th Nov. 2012 the blog continues and so does my mission to help Brides-to-be!

While I am not blogging, or thinking about what to blog, I sit down in my gold n pink studio and design for my recently launched label ROLI GAUR VASHISHT. You can find out more on its facebook page

And sometimes when I should really be either writing a blog post or working on a clients dress, I procrastinate and waste my time here :

About The Crazy Indian Bride (CIB)

Hi I am Roli,
I graduated NIFT, Mumbai in 2010 with a degree in Fashion Design. I worked a while with leading designers from the Indian Fashion fraternity, in the process I got married and opened up my own label :D

I am currently trying to pass my MBA exams.

Random Fact: I did a PG so I could get a PhD, but my only reason for doing a PhD was to get a 'Dr.' in front of my name, because I felt my name is too small, but post marriage that problem seems to be solved, so I dunno if I would do a PhD. or not...?

My current project in life are :
1. Figure out what I want in Life (Lately I haven't been so sure)
2. Figure out why Google Adsence keeps rejecting the blog.
4. Get in shape (This seems to be an ongoing project for me!) #nevergonnahappen
5. Get somebody to give me total control of their wedding (Bridezilla in me still hasn't gone :P )
6. Get some friends that live in the same city as I do.
7. Figure out how to get 'famous' on YouTube
8. Remember to go to the salon once a while.
9. Try to be more responsible
10. Learn how to spell

Hobbies : Reading books, google-ing any and all topics, ogling bridal wear, cooking and avoid studying


  1. Nice blog.. Thanks for sharing this with us.. All the best for your future.. :)

  2. NIFT graduate.. wow.... all the best girl :-)

  3. Hii... this is Nidhi n i really appreciate ur effort for ur blog.. just got stuck here by luck.. n m getting married in november, i truly understand ur thoughts ,and i would surely like to contribute my thoughts or experience for ur blog.. ok. U can contact me for the same...
    Wish u all the best :)

    1. Hi Nidhi,

      Thank you for dropping by :) , always exciting to have a new reader! congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I was a November bride too.

      Would love to have your views, Please write to me at

  4. I have been following your blog for a while now. Its a great help for a bride to be like me reading the experinces of a newly wed like yourself. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Happy to help :)

      Congratulations on your wedding!! Have a great time!
      Keep Reading!

  5. I am regular follower of your blog. Although I am married, I find your posts quite interesting. I really appreciate the way you write. One small request: please work on your spellings and grammar: especially the difference between insure and ensure, your and you are, definitely and defiantly and other words which are close in pronunciation but entirely different in meaning. I know its on your "projects" but the sooner you work on it the better. Its a fantastic public blog and the content is very good. If only the grammar and spellings were better, it would be even great.

    1. Hi, Thank you so much for pointing it out, I know I am bad, I am trying to get better. Right now I am working on my 'your' and 'you are'.

      I am very confused about the difference between insure and ensure, can you help?

      I didn't know I was writing defiantly instead of definitely, not sure if I knew that word, just googled and figured.

      Note to self :
      Definitely- for sure, certain, is possible.
      Defiantly- rebellious, to do something out of spite, without care.

      Please if you do find me stumbling over anything else then do point it out. I need help!

    2. HI,

      ensure: make sure, make certain
      insure: protect against possible problems/issues. It is the verb form of insurance.

      There you go, one small bit to help you keep up the fab work on the blog!!

  6. Hi There!
    I am loving pouring over the pages filled with ideas and recommendations - its a beautiful compilation of all things a bride to be can think of!
    what i did miss and have missed in all wedding blogs is the ability to find good vendors that provide rental services.
    I have a bunch of non-Indian guests attending my wedding who would like to wear Indian outfits without having to shell out the big money... any thoughts/ideas are welcome and much appreciated.
    thankyou in advance and keep up the fabulous work!


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