Sunday, August 18, 2013

What summer Trousseau Wear do I have?

Remember when I wrote about trousseau wear last time, well that was more to do with a recent bride, but as you progress further from your wedding date and more into the depths of a married women your trousseau needs more variety and a little less bling. Plus last time it was all winter-ish clothes.

So here is what I have been wearing in the past few months, post-wedding.

Dear Brides-to-be,  most of this is stuff that I brought before marriage. So while trousseau shopping make sure to include everything, think of the different occasions you might need and face.

Here is my summer wardrobe:

At a friends wedding,
To those who don't like net or feel a bit exposed in it, a thread work like this on a net saree makes it look more full

At a summer wedding, again a net saree with embroidery work

My design :D
Wore it while visitng family members to give it a little 'married feel' without going OTT

Going to a Nigah Ceremony
(Muslim wedding)

I was in love with this hairstyle a few months back and it takes 5 minutes!

 More western wear later, these are just a couple..

This is my ghar-ki saree, I used to wear it regularly when I was a new bahu, 2-3 months into the wedding and now I wear it when I feel like getting all dressed up and not wanting to spoil my good saree's, this is within 2000 and can be washed at home.

Wore this at a birthday party of a relative from my in-law side

My sister-in-law's best friend wedding

IPL screening at a politicians place

At a wedding,
I love my tie-dye saree's,
When I brought them I wasn't sure where I would wear them but they are so versatile! 

Again another one of my early days ghar-ki-saree
Now I am wearing them on short drives or dates with hubby

To read the previous post on trousseau wear (more heavier saree and within 6 months of marriage.)See

To learn different Hairstyles check out

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