Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gifting ideas FROM the Bride and Groom

"Err...why?! I am the one who is getting married, why should I gift things to other people?"

Well for starters your friends and cousins are taking out time on sunday's for dance rehearsals, shopping spree, wedding talks over coffee, and more.

And come on, you will miss them post wedding, and there is nothing like a gift that will show your appreciation.

Here is a list of things:

1. Little tinkets : My mom gifted payals to all the girls who were in a dance performance on the day of Tilak, we were dancing on "Payal bhi zid pay aayee hai"

2. Your clothes and jewelry that they have been eyeing for years, which are of no use post wedding : I gifted all my junk jewelry which weren't of much use post-wedding to one of my friend. You can have a small get together lay out all your stuff and let them pick, whatever is left head over to a charity stall, make space for all your new trousseau.

3. Post wedding you can gift framed picture of all of you from one of the wedding events. To save time and money you can pick one group picture and get copies made and framed.

4. A small hand written letter, in the age of technology nothing would be more treasured. It could have an anecdote, a little story about the two of you. You could even gift them tiny diaries and write on the first page and leave the rest for them.

5. A list of Do's and Don't for the next Bride-to-be or Groom-to-be in the family, make it like a tradition the present Bride/Groom has to write things down for the next bride/groom and they in turn have to for the next one and so on. It can be done in a big diary which can be passed on from bride to bride, groom to groom.

If nothing else then a box of chocolate always works!

If your a guest and wondering what to gift the Bride and Groom Read

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  1. of late a nice post but i jus felt it was a lil incomplete. Nowdays there are so many gift options whih u didnt include.. otherwise a nice compilation..


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