Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Decoding Sabyasachi's Lakme Fashion Week look 2013

Sabyasachi's show is tonight at Lakme Fashion Week. So, in short you'll be seeing tonight what most next season brides would look like!

I have already expressed my views on how I love the royal bride look by Sabyasachi for Lakme Fashion Week here, but when I saw the day look I feel in love with it too!

 I am waiting for this collection to come out at Lakme stores, its not available any where near me, right now, although I did get the gel nailpaint in red (a must buy for the bride!)
The red lip color looks amazing and see how it goes easily from day to night, another must for the Bride!

I love these eyes!

Here is what Daniel Bauer has to say about the look he has created: 

"With Lakme Absolute Royal, we’ve created is a modern interpretation of the royal trousseau. This season royal is all around. Kate Middleton has given birth to the world's most famous baby and we're increasingly seeing royal fusion influencing styles and fashions, globally. In creating these Lakme Royal Absolute looks, Sabya first introduced me to his collection. It perfectly captured royal from top to toe. For me, royal means richness, iconic, timeless and aspirational...gold capture this attitude, perfectly.

For the day look, I created a soft look that completed the strength of the gown…a flawless, creamy complexion forms the backdrop for this look. For the eyes we’ve used a clean stroke of black liner offset with a clean stroke of pink shimmer which adds a neutral balance to the look…allowing the lips, cheeks and eyes to sell the story behind her eyes. The nails take on bright red, completing the red stripes on the blouse.

I love the night look; I think we’ve created something truly royal. For the eyes we’ve chosen a fish eye with gold highlights at the bottom.  A bright red on the lip introduces color in a highly dramatic way. We finish the look with emerald green shade for the nails. This beauty to this look it with the subtle use of colour and fine lines, too thick and the look is lost, too little and the look is invisible. Less is always more and says even more.”

Some behind the scene pictures for you :

I love the models expression in this!

Can't wait to see the collection tonight at 10pm!

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