Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Giveaway Feedback

Crazy Indian Bride Note: I love receiving mails and specially when it comes from a happy reader :) 

Thank you Crazy Indian Wedding 

Hello to all the readers of CrazyIndianWedding

Few days back there was giveaway hosted by Crazy Indian Bride for which results was announced on 21st April’12 and I got lucky enough to won that giveaway. This is my first win in any giveaway so I am very excited.

Until now she was crazy bride for me but now I have a name to call her. (CIB Note: haha, but I still prefer Crazy Bride) Yesterday I received my gift parcel and I was super happy. It was a nicely and safely packed gift. As I opened the box first thing was a sweet congratulatory letter. Thanks!! I am touched by your gesture; I think she was equally excited as it was a first giveaway for her too. And as we say first things are always special.
(I like your business card design too). (CIB Note: Thanks!)

As a prize I have won newly launched products of Forest Essential, Rupam Pistachio & Orange Peel with Fresh jaggery collection. These are my first Forest Essential products. When I got to know that I won a giveaway, more that gift it was just feeling of winning something which excited me. But I would say I am lucky that I got a really nice gift.

It has 4 products:- Nourishing facial Paste, Buffing Body paste, Hydrating Body Milk, luxury Butter Soap. They have amazing fragrance which I could smell every-time I open the box.

I Love it.. I love it.. I Love it..

Thanks again Roli for amazing giveaway. It was so generous of you and I love reading your blog. J


To know more about the  Forest Essential giveaway gift you can check out Shikha's blog post here


  1. Congrats Shikha! And CIB, do show this business card! So very exciting!

    1. Thanks!!! :-) It has pretty butterflies...

    2. I designed it :). Love pink, love butterflies decided to add the two together.


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