Saturday, August 24, 2013

Obsession : How to make a Double Winged Eyeliner?

I have been obsessing over double winged eyeliner ever since I saw the Lakme - Sabyasachi Ad in the newspaper on 23rd morning.

Picture taken from Sabyasachi Facebook page

So I went online and sourced all information I can on this, cant wait to try it! This wedding season I am double-winging it!

Here are few for your reference:

Still trying to find a simpler tutorial, if you have a link or a picture do comment below!

Here are some close up looks, even the double winged eyeliner has different styles!

Notice how there is a white liner between the two black ones

Here is one for the party look, a dash of blue in between

Check out a tutorial video here for double winged eyeliner:

I still have to try it on myself, will post pictures when I do!

If you still have to master the art of a simple winged eyeliner see the pic below, I personally learnt it from a picture similar to this.

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