Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SPOTTED: At JJ Valaya Lounge area or rather the Pre-party

The lounge area outside the MSA (the show area) was packed with Page 3, Media and buyers of the house of Valaya. The show started about an hour late then schedule, while the page 3 mingled and the media clicked.

Crazy Indian Wedding now falls into media (strange isn't it, how it all started off with just a diary of my wedding days and now here we are :D ). My biggest flaw I would say, would be that I cant place a face to the name till I havn't meet them or seen their photo's at least 10 times. So obviously I was lost when it came to identifying who's who in this party world.

I never knew that taking my husband to these events would come in handy! He can identify more socialite than I can even think about remembering.

Me with Ritu Kumar
(I don't know who the left most person is, but she knew a LOT of people, so I am guessing somebody I should google and find out...I loved what she was wearing, you cant really see it in the picture but the embroidery was tiny metal thingy's )

I was so excited to meet Ritu Kumar :D
I am a HUGE fan of her work, infact my love for Indian traditionalism started while working on a presentation about her.

And ofcourse I am bound to make blunders when I meet somebody I admire, remember when I blabbered on when I met Sabyasachi at Vogue Wedding show.

Well this time I had gone to the washroom and I see Ritu Kumar washing her hands and I immediately go upto her and say " Ma'am I am a fan"

She looks upto me and says "Excuse me"

It is then I realize this isn't the right time to say hi, well its too late so I stumble on " I love your work"
Ritu Kumar smiles and says "Thank you", Nods and is gone, I hurry off in the other direction to go die of embarrassment.

This picture ofcourse was taken much later.

With JJ Valaya

The designer seemed quite relaxed just before his show, he was meeting people, stopped to get clicked with me when I asked.
If I ever reach as big as him I guess I would still be panicking before my show *wishful thinking*, but then again he has done so many shows before that maybe its just another day at work for him...

It took a lot of encouragement from my husband to get this picture taken, in the end my husband pushed me forward so I had no other option but to talk to JJ Valaya and he is really sweet! For some reason we have this image that designers are snobbish but neither JJ Valaya nor Ritu Kumar were.
I know she is famous, I have seen her around at events, but for the life of me, I cant remember the name!
and my husband isn't around so I cant ask....

On the left you can see team Miss Malini with Miss Malini.
Forgot to get a picture clicked when I met her.

She is an inspiration in the world of blogging, Only Indian Blogger to ever evolve into a celebratory. Had a chat with her, she is really sweet AND she had heard of Crazy Indian Wedding, Ye!

I clicked this for the Saree with a Jacket look.
Post-wedding inspiration for you

My husband told me a million times who she was and I still forgot...
She had a TV show where she would talk to celebs.

The Lady in the middle was wearing a sparkly white Saree, that honestly looked just like a fabric wrapped around...
Like seriously I have seen that fabric in Lajpat...

There was also a display of Jewelry by Azwa

Also seen

Gadget Guru Rajiv Makhni
Koyal Puri
Joey Mathews
BJP Leader Vani Tripathi

In attendance were also fellow designers

Rohit Bal
Manish Malhotra
Suneet Verma
Ritu Kumar
Tarun Tahiliani

OOh and I also met thedelhibride.

To Read about the JJ Valaya's Indian Bridal Week 2013 show click here


  1. wow.. nice pics... Lucky you.. I wish I was there to just have at those jewellery and beautiful clothes.

  2. It was really nice to finally meet you! You looked sooo pretty! Cu today, tomo, day after...hehehe

    1. same here :)
      You looked great as well :)

      haha yup I guess we will be seeing each other till sunday for sure!


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