Saturday, February 16, 2013

Online Weddings, the dawn of the new age

With the world going online for everything why should the bride of today be any less tech savvy. 

Wedding Coutdown app 
Most of us do download on our smart phone. After all Every Bride needs to know the number of months, days, minutes and even seconds left till the D-day. Infact I havn't removed my app till now and its now counting the number of days since the wedding.

Facebook Events 
This is probably the best way to invite all your online friends. Knowing that you dont talk to half of your fb list and they won't come anyway. Just send them a fb event invite, they will be happy that you were considerate.

So you want to keep your friends and family informed about everything but don't have the time or energy to make a blog or a Website...well just create a Twitter account and tweet on the go. Its the easiest way to update your guest.

If your reading this then you probably understand the need of a blog. Everybody does it for a different reason, while some might just want to keep their guest updated, others (like me) just want to keep other fellow Brides informed about things we are upto or would just need an outlet to satisfy our need of talking about the wedding continuously.

Wedding Website or Wedsites

Probably the best way of keeping your guest informed and involved in the wedding is having your own wedding website. If you have talent, knowledge and time for making your own wedding website then congratulations! if not then there are sites such as that provide you with an opportunity of have your own wedsite with a small payable amount. says "We have close to 35,000 registered couples who have created their wedding website with us and use it to select and send E-invites, create their guest-list  upload pictures and much more."

For Fun : Virtual Weddings

Multi player online games may not be a huge trend in India but it is prevalent all around the world and what more to make them a little more interesting but a virtual wedding! Ofcourse such a wedding will not be considered legal in the real world :P

  • says 
    "A virtual wedding, sometimes called an online wedding, IRC wedding, or chat wedding, is an unofficial marriage between two persons or entities. Although it is not for legal purposes, it conveys a message of commitment and caring between the two involved. It is not a legally binding marriage, and does not fall under any regulations or legal requirements. It is meant only for the participants and their friends. "

    You also get Virtual Wedding Certificates!


    1. virtual wedding~ he he ROFL :P I think an Fb / twitter account is good way to invite. And to keep myself sane, have my blog :D

    2. I had no idea about virtual weddings!! lol


    I love reading what you have to say :)

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