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Gowns are a Big No-No, What Works and What Doesn't find out..

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Thank you, Thank you Manish Malhotra for saying what I wished every designer would say, what I have been trying to say for soo soo long!

Indian Brides say NO to Gowns!

You know how a foreign girl looks so pretty in a lehenga, but doesn't look as stunning as an Indian beauty would, noo...hmmm....actually white girls look amazing in lehenga's, let me re-explain.

I have worked with models and although the foreign girls look amazing in a lehenga when they walk they don't really get that grace, that elegance, that oomph. They look like any other girl walking.

Whereas when the same lehenga is put on an Indian girl even if she is not looking as stunning as her foreign counterpart, she automatically embraces that elegance, when she walks in her lehenga she either looks like a Bride or a Queen Maharani.

Ok, so I probably took the best and worst pictures, and I am not even sure if the girl below is a foreigner, but it kind of puts my point into perspective, because I have actually seen this happen, so just take my word for it.

Anyways my main point is even if a girl looks great in clothes that are not traditionally made for her body type, she will look stunning in clothes meant for her!

And as much as I love huge fluffy pure white fairy tale wedding gowns, I know that I would look hideous in them :/

Now I don't want to 'put paani' on your dreams but girls not all Indian girls look good in gowns.

Why you ask me? Specially since I keep advising you to not listen to me or anybody and do whatever the heck you want to do, because typical Indian bodies are not really made for Gowns.

There are ofcourse exceptions but if you are a normal Indian girl then chances are gowns would look disastrous on you.....sorry I know that's rude but its true :/

Another point, if you do insist on wearing a gown and you are 100% sure you found a gown that fits you like it was made for you, then PLEASE PLEASE, pretty please don't add garish embroidery to it! Don't, NO don't do it!

Also check what fabric its made out of, if its shiny and synthetic, slowly back away and run in the other direction.

If you are like "Shut up Roli" and you insist, then please get the gown custom made to your size! If nothing else then atleast it should fit you properly! And if you are going to the trouble of actually getting a designer to design it for you then listen to the designer, chances are he/she knows what works good for your body shape.

I know I said in an earlier post, Not to listen to a designer and have your way, but in this case where you are getting a gown made please listen to the designer, and look at REAL girl pictures and not that of models.

Here are some examples :

I Love the trail on this, but the emb. on the front ends in a very awkward way (and place), its like an arrow pointing down :/
The Fabric is good though. I think it is either 40gm or 60gm Silk
Actually this can be included in the good category too, because the fabric is amazing!

This is a big no no NO.
Even if you look like that, because this garment would look good only in this pose.
If you are standing straight then the asymmetrical fall of the gown will just look like a fungi growing on your side and if you are even slightly heavier than this girl you would look huge because of all that pleating in the body and bust area.
(My apologies to the designer, this is just a break down for the Indian Brides)

I won't even bother to tell you why, I am sure you know why.

If you are petite, you would look like a cake topper
If you are exactly her size, you may or may not look good.
If you are even slightly heavier than her, you would look HUGE.
If you are below 5years old, you would look adorable!

I kind of like it and not. It looks like it might work on Indian bodies, it just might...hmm...

NOPE, too messy.
The color might not work on all skin tones and if you don't have amazing lighting and photographer you might looked washed out.

I don't know why but the emb. reminds me of slime.
And if you remove/reduce the embroidery then the gown itself has the property of making you look like a Baby Doll. (not in a good way)

Hmmm.... Again this is one piece that I love and hate.
I love it because if it looks good on you, then it would look good on you, but if it doesn't you are in for a disaster!
I don't like the tummy position that much,

A LOT of girls go in for such gowns for either their engagement or cocktail, and I want to ask them why?
The embroidery is always asymmetrical, bulky on the tummy and the fabric is always bad.

Why do you do this?
You spent days and months not having that chocolate just to keep your weight in check and then you go put such emb. right on your tummy.
Errrr.... no. I love the color combo, the emb. quality is also good,
but I don't like the placement of the embroidery nor the net gushing out .

Prom Dress anyone??

This is actually good! Add a little more emb. near the neck.
I know its an Anarkali, but something like this can work.

I know this might look horrible on a LOT of girls, but somehow I think it works just fine on her!

Perfect for cocktail!
If you are heavier around the tummy then I guess you can get those pleats removed and have panels instead of pleats or have the pleats a little spaced out.

I personally love trails!
 I don't know anything about everything else in this picture, but I love this trail!
(I can't concentrate enough to comment on anything else)

This would look amazing if you have this figure!

Left (Blue) : Yes Yes Yes (Maybe not a frilly hem though)
Right (Horror Pink) : DO you even want to consider that?! Really??

Now, I know that I always say to wear whatever the hell you want to and to not listen to these Do's and Don't list; and I still agree on that, If I have negatively criticized a gown then please note it is a general criticism, there is a huge possibility that some of these might just look stunning on you.

All I am saying is that on gowns like the last pictures Horror Pink please listen to my advice and don't even think about them.

But do THINK and TRY, selecting a Lehenga is much more easier for an Indian beauty then selecting a gown! So if you do plan to wear a gown then please do your research and do a lot of trials and get it perfectly tailored to your size.

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  1. I was considering wearing a gown for my engagement, you have really left me thinking now :-( I am so confused for the engagement outfit. I am wearing a lehenga for the wedding, want something different for the engagement. How about anarkali lehenga?


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