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Dating Delhi : Kingdom of Dreams

I know I planned this section a while back but have finally gotten to it now!

If your newly married, just engaged or planning to tell your parents soon, dating is essentially the way to keep things exciting.

And for newly weds it is so important! You do look cute in your pajama's but if its just PJ's after PJ's every Sunday it makes you feel you are just living as room mates rather than a happily married couple, so here are things to keep the magic alive ;)

Let's begin with

Kingdoms of Dreams

We went there on our 6 month anniversary. I had been there before with my friend, on my birthday a couple of years back, but we never saw the show just went around the cultural gully, eat, shopped and went back.

My husband booked our tickets online, which was good since the line to buy tickets was a bit long even though it was a weekday.

As you enter you are greeted by huge elephants welcoming you in, you get your pictures clicked in front of a blank sheet which will later be Photoshoped so you look like your standing in front of the main gate, you can collect these later. We didn't, they came out very weird.

That's the gate into the cultural gully, Cultural Gully is basically like a walk into various parts of India, you enter and there is a punjabi truck on your right, Karnataka mask on your left, some or the other Indian dance is going on. When we entered it was a dance form from down south.

On your way to Goa where there is actual sand you have to cross Mumbai dubba wala stall and Lucknow nawabi place to eat, decorated with all mirrors it is the most fanciest place to eat at Cultural Gully.

There is a puppet show going on and dancers, charlie chaplin and a man-langoor roaming around! You can also get mehendi put, temp. tattoo and your face sketched.

Tiny Tip : If you'r getting a picture clicked with the langoor he will scream in your ear the minute you are looking at the camera with a picture perfect smile.

The Lucknow restaurant, its super pretty from the inside, couldn't click much pictures (not allowed) but I can promise you its really pretty.

There are 2 floor in the cultural gully, the ground and first. On the first floor there is a spa which gives 10-15 min services. I took a foot massage while hubby went for a shoulder one. You also have fortune tellers be it palmist, tarot card readers, face readers, etc. I would not say they were excellent in their fortune telling but its sure great fun.

Lot of shops are around but its more for the tourist, you might however find interesting nick-nacks. 

A lot of places to get your pictures clicked! I wonder if they allow pre-wedding shoots, it would make a great place to get clicked.

That's the passage to the loo, there wasnt a single corner that didnt scream creativity.

I wanted a picture clicked on this balcony but couldn't figure a way in.

I want a wall like this in my studio!

We reached around 11:30-12 and roamed around, had lunch and went to watch our show at 2:30pm. We watched Jhumroo, The story revolves around a young boy Bhola, who wants to be a great singing star. The trouble is that though he idolizes Kishore Da and he can’t sing. The love of his life likes guys who win singing reality shows, so he participates!

I thought it might be boring, what with old songs and all but it was really fun!

Hubby got us Silver Seats which turned out to be better than the Gold or Diamond. There was a bit of aerial act and to watch that our seats where in fact perfect. The show is made in a way that where ever your seated you feel a part of it so whatever seat you take all is good. 

The plus point of the diamond and gold seat is that you get to dance at the end if they pull you up.

The best part of the show was at the end we were divided into 2 teams depending on what color flag you had under your seat and then you became either red team supporters or blue; everytime your team singer sang you had to wave the flags around!

The show was 3D and everything was beyond perfect, from the main characters to the side dancers, infact after a while I was watching the background dancers they were so good!

Photography wasn't allowed so here are some pictures off the internet:

See more about Kingdom of dreams at

Final recommendation : Must watch the show! Its all a little expensive but worth it.

Also if your planning to go keep a look out on the website or newspaper ads there is always something new that's going on. They have a 5D theater open now. 


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