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Makeup Artist Review : Tanvi Kochar

When I was getting married I was pretty sure what I want and who I want, but for my brother's wedding I just knew that I had to look pretty and different. That's it. I had no inspiration picture, no thoughts, nothing at all.

The trouble this time was that I was wearing the same clothes that I wore for my wedding for 2 major functions!

My Tilak lehenga for Bhaiya's Tilak ceremony 
My wedding Lehenga for Bhaiya's Wedding

So it became essential that I looked different from what I had looked earlier! Now as much as I loved my wedding MUA (Ramita) I really wanted to go for someone different for the following reasons :

1) I strongly feel that every creative person has a 'signature style', and being a designer I know this is true, so even if my old MUA would have created a different look, it wouldn't be TOTALLY different because her signature style would kick in some where.

2) I wanted a little modern approach so wanted someone a little more experimental.

3) I wanted to try a new MUA so I could review it for you guys ;P

After calling, researching and agonizing a LOT I finally decided to go with Tanvi Kochar, and I am glad that I did!

The one thing that I liked about her was that she was on time, and not a lot of MakeUp Artist usually are.


For Bhaiya's engagement I really wanted a 'married' look, because it was the first major family event after my wedding and I wanted to 'look married'; but after my first meeting with Tanvi I decided to kind off let her do her work and not stress on things, I was pretty much happy with the results.

She gave me bold eyebrows, which she said were the 'in' thing, to be honest I am not the kind of person who likes to follow whats 'in' and I was pretty nervous about it, when I looked into the mirror I thought the only thing noticeable on my face were my eyebrows, but Tanvi reassured me its looking good and it takes time to get use to it, my mom liked it too so I went ahead with it. I feel in love with the look by the time we were in the car.

She also gave me a really bright lip color which I would have never thought I could carry it off but it looked good!

Going to the Venue

In between the ceremonies 
 The Hair Style was inspired from a messy Hair look from Deepika Padukone, Tanvi showed me a picture on the day of the event and I asked her to go ahead, since I had no other idea and I only knew I wanted half up and half down.

Although by the end of it all it was a little too messy for me as my hair tends to be fuzzy. But dunno, I don't 'not like it', but certainly not in love with it.

Post function, after 6-7 hours of application
Pretty much good, except that my nose got oily, but then again I have quite a oily nose
Tanvi also did my Mother's makeup, which was nice and pretty 'Mother of the Groom' like :

I loved mom's hair!


I was concerned for Tilak since I wore the same thing for my own Tilak and a LOT of people (including all of you guys) loved that look, I had no idea how I would up the ante.

Tanvi got a different Hair stylist for this function and I liked her WAY better than the last one, we decided on a Messy side bun, although Tanvi did advice to go for it on the wedding day, I opted otherwise. I had never done a messy bun before and I was afraid what if it doesn't turn out ok, or my face ends up looking fatter, I certainly have put on quite some weight in the last few years.

I dunno if its the makeup or light, I love how my eye color looks in this picture!

Post the Event, after 4-5 hours of application

I ABSOLUTELY loved my mom's look on this day! I felt this is the best she had looked so far! The makeup was on-point! So elegant and beautiful!



My biggest priority this day was I am going to dance and I want my hair open, give me something I can manage. Also I don't want to look traditional, I looked all the bit traditional for my own wedding I don't want the bronze bride look this time!

There are very rare 'normal' photo's of me this day , because either I was hooting and dancing or making faces, because this is what you do on your brothers wedding :/ 

Also on this day, since most of the rooms were busy we got ready in a room which had less light, so Tanvi had a box with 'green room' type lights, they were yellow and I feel because of that the base did not come out great. Our makeup looked a little yellow in some lights, unfortunately we noticed this post Tanvi had left so couldn't do much, However in the bright lights of the venue it looked perfect, but inside the house or any other covered room it looked like we had a bit of Haldi on our face :/ 

 I was not completely happy with my hair this day, it looked good, but not 'different' I initially wanted a middle parting but we tried a LOT of different middle parting styles and none of them worked well with my face. Tanvi did give a lot of attention to make sure I was happy with the look but we were running short of time and I went ahead with it, not my favorite hairstyle of the lot but it looked good. 

My dad certainly said I looked 'modern', which was in a weird way a compliment so I guess the whole look worked out pretty much in the end.

I was worried that my hair will not stay the same after dancing, but it did, and I danced a LOT! For 1 hour from the house to the mandir and then from the barat assembly point to the venue for 2 hours straight! I am pretty surprise at the number too, I really didn't think it would take us 2 hours to cover 200 meters :/

Anyways here is a picture after all that dance! Also Tanvi did my brothers and my husbands makeup as well, just the base.

My Mom's makeup and Hair were great on this day too! I think all in all Tanvi Kochar really did an excellent work on my mom!



All in all I was pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out, mom and me looked great on each and every day! Everyone loved my side messy bun, mom looked sooo great on each and every day! It was a good experience, and I would certainly recommend Tanvi to all of you!

Charges :
Party Makeup : Normal Rs. 8000; Airbrush Rs. 13,000
Bridal Makeup : Normal Rs. 20,000; Airbrush Rs. 25,000

We went for normal party makeup for all the days.

Contact :
Call +919999550928 or email your queries on

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