Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to dress for your wedding if you have a butt.

Alert : Excessive use of the word butt

Well the Internet is flooded with Do's and Don't for the curvy shapes and its mainly written by women who have never been more than a Size 10. I am not saying I am an expert, but I have varied a LOT in terms of size. I have been a UK size 22 and a UK size 12 all in the course of a year and a half.

So these are just some things I picked along the way, specially during my own wedding. I was a Size 12-14 during my wedding. Jean size 34, demi-curve(Levis).

BTW yes I know everyone has a butt but this is for girls who have fuller ones :P

1. If you have fuller hips never ever go in for a mermaid style lehenga, just keep clearly away from those. Drop the hanger and walk back slowly. The only girls that this style actually looks wow on, are skinny thin with a good butt. Example : Pippa Middleton.

2. Wear your Lehenga how ? Saree Drape Vs. Normal Drape

A lot of readers, fellow bloggers and my friends and family have asked me why I hate my Tilak look , which everyone else seems to think was my best look out of all.

Well I usually reply with "I had something better in mind, it wasn't executed properly" and I don't blame the MUA, midway though my makeup she got a call that her 7yr old son was in an accident and even then she finished my makeup before she went rushing to her son.

Now for the first time ever (*dramatic music*) I am going to reveal the mystery...

My butt looks fat.

In each and every picture of that day my butt looks enormous! See the picture above can you spot what I am trying to say (this is still one of the good pictures of the day). The drape of the saree style chunni is such (specially when a MUA does it) that it accentuates the butt and is a little tight around the back as a result every picture that I took and I posed slightly tilted to the right, my butt ruined that pic. And I mostly pose while titled to the right, it is the good side of my face :/

So there you have it, this is why I hate my Tilak look.

Anyways, if you want to avoid this at your own wedding and if you have a figure like me then I would recommend to either not go in for this style at all or tell the MUA to leave it a little dheela at the back, they will say ki it wont stay that way and teek say drape nahi hoga, etc. tell them to use more pins and make it happen, a good MUA will understand, with me I didn't even get a chance to see myself in the mirror before we left, we were running really late!

3. Get 2 chunni's for the wedding day
See the picture above again for reference, See how the second chunni, on my head drapes and hides things that should remain hidden. In none of my pictures of the wedding day am I disappointed with anything sticking much more out then it should!

Although Warning! Make sure your head wali chunni is not that heavy.

4. Do whatever you wish, don't let me or anyone talk you into wearing something (or not wearing something) its YOUR wedding, these are just my personal views.

I know I havn't been blogging much recently, was busy with the Exhibition for Roli Gaur Vashisht and then assignments for MBA ( which I should really be doing right now, but I opted to blog instead :D ;P ), I am also busy with a new project which you would know if you are following me on Instagram or seen my other personal twitter account btw, did I ever mention if I had a second twitter account !? I guess not.

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