Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wedding File 3 : Tilak

We were late! Very late! 

Everything was in line, we were ready and perfectly scheduled. There was a tiny pooja in the morning something we thought would be over within an hour max.

How wrong we were....

Apparently pooja of the lagan patrika is suppose to be VERY important and it didn't help that the panditji was a very senior one and he wouldn't take any shortcut! 

The pooja put our schedule back an hour. My makeup artist had to wait and when I finally got time to get ready for the evening her son's school called 

 "he has been in a fight.......hurt his stitches!"

That is all I heard, That is all I needed to hear! 

Although I was ofcourse worried about that 12 year old boy but the thought of having to manage on my own for such an event made me tremble.

While my makeup artist tried to sort things out, my lehengha was being draped and OMG such a heavy lehenga it was! Somehow we tied it but it wasn't as perfect as the salesman at Frontier tied it.

Things do have a way of sorting themselves out in the end....

The groom side was late as well so we actually arrived a couple of minutes before them! 

My makeup artist (hats off to her) after a glass of cold water calmed down, got her father to take care of her son. Did my makeup perfectly made sure I was completely happy with my drape before she left.

That doesn't mean bloopers of the day ended there, everyone did forget me in the car....

 Lehenga :

Lehenga was from Frontier Bazaar, Karol Bagh. In the range of 70k on sale, otherwise its around 90k.

The major challenge with this lehenga was that it had to follow the one I wore at my engagement and I would be wearing my bridal one just 2 days after this. So it had to be better than engagement and not similar to the bridal one. It had to be noticeable in a big gathering, the event was so planned that we would be among guests instead of on the stage so it had to be striking even at a distance...people should be able to identify the bride after all....

 Makeup and Hair:

Hair for me was not perfect, it was too high. However my makeup artist justified that she had to for the maata patti...well since everyone else liked it I guess I am ok with it them, just I had a different picture in mind....

Dance :

My surprise dance performance was a shock for all! including the boy..haha...I don't really dance a lot in front of family and had secretly been practicing with my sisters. The look of the boys face was priceless!!

Songs : Chalka Chalka re, Dheemey Dheemey Gaon and chudi bhi zid pay aayi hai

And then the boy pulled me up for a song as well...

Jewelry :

Necklace and earring were from Tanishq, one of the last jewelry we picked and the only colored gold I liked.
Hair accessories were brought randomly while searching for latkans for my blouses.
Matta Patti from the only artificial jewellry shop I liked Om Sons at Lajpat.
Bangles from Babu churi wala at M block GK

Photography :

Anjalis Noida

We did considered a few candid photographers but somehow stuck to anjalis.....even if you don't have a famous candid photographer it doesn't mean you can't get 'candid' pictures!


  1. You have a very really nice informative blog. Especially, Your wedding files really serves as good source of info for someone who is away from Indian culture for years and years.
    What is the difference between engagement and tilak ceremony ? My understanding is engagement ceremony is sagan, so what is tilak ceremony

    1. thanks :)

      Engagement is when you exchange rings, its officially not an Indian wedding function its what we have started doing recently, its usually celebrated with either roka ceremony( which means you are officially agreed to marry each other) and godh barayi when the in-laws give gifts to the bride. These ceremonies can be performed as soon as your wedding gets fixed, its the first function.


      Tilak happens a few days before the wedding, the wedding celebration (during the wedding week) start with tilak, on this day the brother of the bride performs some pooja with the groom to be and gives gifts to him, plus the bride receives gifts from the in-laws.. the bride is not suppose to be present at the tilak ceremony so the gifts are sent back with her parents (this function is hosted by the groom's family)

    2. Indeed, a beautiful explanation, Nishi


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