Thursday, January 31, 2013

Post Wedding : Trousseau

On popular demand here are few pictures of my trousseau.
I tend to be very simple in my every day wear, don't be fooled by my wedding looks, but my in-laws love bling so my trousseau is a bit of mixture of both!

This is probably the first Saree I brought for my wedding, I had an eye on this from even before the wedding was fixed!
Wore it on Pag-Phera

At home, Starting few weeks

Going out with family, starting few weeks

At a family friends wedding

Family Friends wedding

Extended Family Dinner

At Relatives Engagement

Dinner with Extended Family

At home

Family Friends Wedding

Family Friends wedding

Extended Family Dinner

Out of town, staying at a Family home
Going out with family

Out with family

After putting all the pictures together I have come to realize that I have been wearing the same sweater through out! every where! and the same footwear too! I think I really like these two......must remember to wear something different next time!

That's it for now, I do have a LOT of other things as well. You guys will be updated on it as and when I wear them.

Tiny Tip :

 If your confused what to buy for your trousseau take a mix of stuff. Things you like, things your in-laws would like and things that are in fashion. Even if your adamant that you will wear only what you like because that is the only thing that 'suits' you, think again.

So you HATE what people gifted you, what were they thinking when they gave you such a saree....they were thinking how happy you'll be on receiving it.

You don't have to go out of your way to wear it any where and every where. Wear that saree when you go to visit the saree-gifting-person.

And what if the unliked-saree was given to you by your in-laws, well the first few weeks are the best time to wear them because most of that time you'll be at home away from public eyes and still be expected to be dressed up like a million buck, plus it will make your in-laws super happy to see you wear something they gave and in-directly make your husband happy, and isn't that what we want...

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