Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wedding File 2 :Pooja

I think the last post I wrote before the wedding was on the pooja morning and I write the 100th post today about the pooja....

I think what I wrote pretty much sums up that day : "Craziness starts today! I am kind of enjoying sitting back and relaxing while I see my family members running around getting the house ready for the pooja.

Wedding jitters have finally set in. I was numb since the last few weeks but I guess seeing a big tent erected in front of your home kind of puts things in perspective. So every time I feel I am going numb I peek outside at the tent.

Its kind of exciting seeing your home all decked up knowing that behind the beautiful outdoors there are hidden wardrobe stuffed with things that shouldn't be seen."

Pooja turned out to be pretty good although since I am not so religious I slipped out in the middle and came back at the end ;P

This is one of the Saree's I designed

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