Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Real Girl Guide to Summer Dressing

Well as much as we would love to wear something like this, and pretty much rock the look, it would mean a LOT of stares at home, in the metro, at the office and weirdo's on the road thinking your a weirdo...soooo nope thats not what a normal girl can wear in her everyday life.

So since designer wear and Anarkali's are pretty much reserved for wedding wear and fancy family meetups, lets just get inspired by normal everyday wear and tell our tailors to stitch these and keep us cool:

Why did I pick such normal designs?? Well because :

1. You can easily get them at Shoppers Stop, Globus, Pantaloons, Biba, Westside, Fab India, etc.

2. You can buy the fabric and you can get these stitched by your tailors.

3. When I started the blog it was about a normal Indian girl getting married and not someone who wears designer wear everyday, so I pretty much spend my entire summers in a mix of such clothes and I want to share these with you.

I love the mirrors on the salwar.

Whats your staple summer wear? Any recommendation for Bride-to-be or new Bahu's?

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