Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crazy Indian REAL Bride : Pallavi

Girl meets boy, Boy ignores Girl, Girl gets frustrated, Boy argues his way into her heart, sounds like a Bollywood movie, no?!

As told by Rohan,
(The person in charge to capture their memories.)

So, Who are they and Whats their Story??

Pallavi looking forward to a new chapter in her life left for Bangalore, her first job. Accenture 'college to corporate' training was the time when she met new people, made great friends and was having an awesome time. This is where she met Ashish- A smart, witty and intelligent guy.

They both were opinionated, had myriad ideas and thoughts and debated on anything and everything. She became defensive around him and he interestingly ignored her, between those rifts of thoughts, they became great friends. (Yes, because that's how it works :P )

Their first date was the funniest coincidence ever, a date by chance would be a more appropriate description. They saw the movie hurt locker, sat on the first row, had the worst pizza ever but they describe it as the most fun evening, maybe because nothing was perfect. Randomness has always been their driving force, they wake up to nothing and always end up doing something crazy! (Awww... sound like my kind of people! )

They became such great friends that they knew they had to spend their life together. No doubt whatsoever and that's why strangely, there was never a ' Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend proposal moment'. 
She still teases him to propose her to which he says I have happily taken us for granted' 

Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography

Today, they are best friends first who have turned to be crazy love maniacs.

Sounds good, Where did the Functions happen?

Hotel Marina
The Mall Shimla, Shimla, India

Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography

I love her French Manicure!
My nails are being so mean these days, falling off and stuff :(

Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography


Hotel Peterhoff Shimla
Shimla, India 

Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography

Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography

Now get to the main stuff, Where did all the shopping happen??
Frontier raaz, narayans, roop sarees- Delhi
Bawri- Bombay
Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography

Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography

And who made the bride pretty on D-day? (not that she needed it !) 
Shivani Goyal, Shimla
Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography

And what happened after....err...where did they go honeymooning I meant?? 
Bali, Indonesia

Captured by Rohan Mishra Photography

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