Monday, April 21, 2014

Inspiration : Pre-Wedding Shoots and Balloons

I am LOVING balloons and wedding mix, totally obsessed with it!
I cant wait to do our (sooo loong postponed) post-wedding shoot with balloons!
But I am guessing by the time we do end up doing the shoot I might have lost interest in them...hmm..

Anyways I dont think balloons would ever 'go out of fashion' or whatever, you can even do a little DIY pre-wedding shoot with them, any picture with a balloon in it is bound to come out good!

The whole family like this, maybe..

Proposal idea for the 'boy' ?

Do you still get these big balloons in Delhi?
 I remember buying these at India Gate when I was young-ish ( I am still young :P ) but dont see these around any more

Ask your guest to leave little thumb impressions...I wish I had this idea, would have so done it for my mehendi or engagement.

How about releasing a whole bunch of balloons during Varmala or at your reception

What do you think? Would you want balloons to be a part of your big day??

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