Friday, November 14, 2014

Gupta Tent : One of The Best Delhi Weddings

The minute any Wedding Card comes with the venue being Gupta Tent, me and my Husband get super excited, because the BEST DELHI WEDDINGS HAPPEN THERE!

Like amazing food and really good decor! I have so far attended two weddings there and both have been amazing. The catering is usually from Jain Caterers which again is amazing !

I have clicked a few pictures of the Decor have a look :

This is the entrance

I really liked the huge flower pots!

All tables had this little silverwear ! Plus the center table decor was just wow!

AB-SO-LUT-LY Love it!

And the bride came sitting on this!

They had Russian Girl Drummers performing as the Bride entered!

And the Varmala happened on top of a Stage with hearts flashing on the LED and Fire works!

I can't wait for a wedding invitation to Gupta Tents this wedding season! They chance the decor a bit every season so I dunno what it will look like this year.

Also this venue is apt for 1500 to 2000 guests, so definitely a place for Big Fat Indian Weddings!

If you like such posts let me know, I go to a LOT of weddings every season and I cant wait to discuss wedding venues with you :)

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