Friday, November 7, 2014

Banana Hair Mask!

My hair has been pretty lifeless these days and I am trying to get it back to normal.

Its been dry, frizzy, dull and has become super rough. I am trying to find out a homemade mask that can bring it back to life!

I tried overnight oiling but somehow it wasn't effective enough, I read somewhere that banana masks helps a lot, So here is what I did ;

Ingredients :

1. One Ripe Banana
2. Two Tsp. Honey
3. Two Tsp. Coconut Oil

What I did with it?
I mixed it all together in a mixie, making it a nice soft mixture.
I applied this mixture evenly on my scalp and Hair ends.
Wrapped my hair in a Shower Cap
and Kept it on for 30 min.

I washed it off, make sure to wash it off thoroughly!
I continued with washing my hair like I normally do, Shampoo, Conditioner and then Serum.

The only problem was that it was a little difficult to get tiny banana pieces out of the Hair :/ As for my Hair quality right away I couldn't feel any difference but once my hair dried off I could feel it become a little softer and shinier, I have only done it once, will do it a few more times and see if it my hair quality becomes better.

Have you tried any Homemade Hair Mask? If so what was your experience ?

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