Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Pinterest Wedding

When I first found out about Pinterest I was like "what would I do with it!?" I have Facebook for everything, Twitter for everything else and a blog to post things on (read copy other peoples pictures and say 'wow I love this!' )

But doesn't every new social media start off like that.

" I dont want to move from Hi5, all my school friends are here!"

"Facebook!? what the hell is that? I am happy with Orkut, Facebook, or whatever its called, will NEVER ever beat it, mark my words!"

"Twitter?! What will people do with twitter? You can just write a status on it, no body can keep writing status all day long"

I guess Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram all are co-existing right now. Only difference now is that Facebook has become more of a family place than a cool hangout. (is that just me or do you agree?!)

Anyways, I did get around understanding the beauty of Pinterest and how you can make a perfect inspiration boards using it.

I don't really go around different sites pinning things but I do re-pin a LOT, I go crazy re-pinning at times.

My Pinterest account has quite a lot of pins by now, but if I had to put it in a nutshell then my Pinterest Wedding would look like this :

Engagement :

Mehendi and Sangeet:


Wedding :

This lehenga but covered like :

Reception :

Sisters and Friends :

Trousseau :

Psst...I have many boards on pinterest, including my dream home, studio and inspiration boards for my brand.. so check it out here

Social Media Crazy like me? Follow me every where!

Twitter : I am ALWAYS online, if you want to interact with me directly its the best platform.

Facebook : Keep up with new post and everything 'bridal'. I generally re-post wedding related things I find, and inspirational quotes.

Pinterest : Wedding clothes I love, my Dream Home, how my studio will look like, whats my next collection's inspiration is, Hair and Makeup fit for the bride, etc. etc. are things I keep pinning.

Instagram : Get a little personal look into my life and likes. This is the only account that is in my name instead of the blog.

Is there any other place I am not on, and I should be? Let me know.

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