Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Year That Was...Flashback 2013

The year started with uploads of all my wedding files, from what my wedding was about to, how it went. From the Pooja, Tilak, Haldi, Mehendi to The Wedding Day!

The year also saw me going emotional for the first time on the blog, with me reliving the wedding moments as a bride. Telling you how I felt to be a Bride, word by Word

The blog needed a bit of re-invention once I got married. After all, how ever hard I try, it will be very difficult for me to get back in the mind frame where not finding the perfect nail-paint shade would have meant end of the world. But giving up on you guys wasn't an option, so while I still continue to obsess over the perfect red lehenga for my dream destination wedding on my 10th anniversary, I also decided to pass along a bit of advice from beyond the wedding day. So the blog now not only focuses on the bride but the New Bahu as well.

The blog jumped over 1 Lakh views in March, less than a year of its conception. We are over 4.5 Lakh as this year draws to an end, I can't thank you all enough. You really are the reason the blog keeps going, the only reason I feel guilty when I haven't blogged for a while. Thank you for your support and your emails! It makes my day when you write in :)

The year also saw me going through a million exams! ok not million just 14! 9 of which I was able to give in March and 5 of which I was suppose to give this month.

Alas, I was able to give only 3 this month I got really sick in the middle of my exams, and wasn't able to give my last 2 exams. So be ready to hear me whine a bit more in June/July 2014. The blog isn't exam free as of now :P, and Thank you for the wishes, a few of you actually just emailed to wish me luck for my exams *feeling special :D *

We also had our first giveaway! Which was won by Shikha S, she is also an avid reader and comment-er on the blog *big shout out to you girl*

My brand had it's 'soft-launch' on the blog and its grown a bit since then :D. You can find the Facebook Page here :

Talking of Facebook Page the Crazy Indian Wedding facebook page crossed 500 Likes in April and we have over 1,600 likes as of now.

We had Esha Tewari, one of the Top 5 finalist of "Mrs.India WorldWide 2012" write for us about being a 'Perfect Mrs.'

This year we also helped the Groom, had a frank talk with my chubbier friends, and fought tanning.

I hate my last picture, thankfully I am back to my normal skin tone now!
We also covered the India Bridal Fashion Week, bringing you bridal fashion trends straight from the 1st row...eerrr.. 3rd row...

We tackled a lot of questions from you, like what to gift the bride and groom?  Most of the questions that I get are via email, I will try to put them across the blog for you next year so that we can learn from each other.

The new series Dating Delhi was also launched on the blog, agreed I haven't been consistent on that, will try to be in 2014!

We also discovered a few trousseau destinations, tried decoding makeup for dummies , wrote a list for the New Bahu's Karva Chauth , wrote a letter to the November Bride 2013 and don't forget when you received a gift! My wedding video capsule. 

And how can I forget! we got mentioned in HT Brunch, Cosmopolitan, Femina Bride and estylista. Will be posting the pictures soon,

*Phew* that's quite a list, and these are just the highlights! So Cheers dear Bride's and Bahu's, let us welcome 2014 and hope that next year this time I have a LOT more to write about in Flashback 2014 ;)

A very Happy New Year, Hope you have a good one!

If you have any suggestions, or comments/complaints I will try my hardest to tackle them, do comment below and let me know what you would like to see in this blog in 2014!


  1. awesome dear.. wish you lots of success in coming year too.. I would like to see more of your designs and inspiration stories behind that

  2. Thats quite a recap of a very eventful year .. Wishing you many more to come !!

  3. Such a awesome post ! lovely pictures and lovely blog
    xoxo Shreya

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