Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On a break!

Exam season is back! * pulling my hair out * but thankfully its the last lot. So post 22nd I will be exam free ( if I pass that is) then I just have a project submission by January 4th and after that I am back to full time blogging! 

Well...not really full time blogging. ....more like 1/3rd time blogging, 1/3rd time designing and 1/3rd taking care of everything else.  You get the picture.

Wish me luck!

Btw I have sooo many post planned that you are gonna love, if I get time in between I will try posting them and if not then just wait a little bit more.

PS: If you really miss me or want to hear me whine about exams catch me Always live on twitter. Twitter handle @crazyindianwedd


  1. I can doze off just by looking at the cover of Business law.. ;P

    All the best Roli!!


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