Monday, November 12, 2012

Readers Question : Skincare


I was trying to search for almost everything related to Pre Bridals and stumbled upon your blog.

My wedding is in first week of Feb, but ever since the date has been decided my skin has started to behave weirdly O.o 

There are very tiny pimples (something like those) on my face although I've never ever had acne or pimple problems :(

Moreover, when should I start taking pre bridal treatments from? My skin tone is husky but I wanna improve my complexion and skin quality. What should I do?

Please Help me.

For Pre-bridal I recommend that you ask who ever is doing your bridal makeup. Because they have to handle your skin on the D day so they will be the best person to guide you.

Incase you havn't decided that yet then try to go to salons that you have been going from before and are satisfied with their work.

If you don't have a fixed salon then don't take risk, go to reputed ones like Looks in Noida or Lakme in M block GK or Affinity, any salon with a good reputation.

I started my pre-bridal 4 months before the wedding. But it all depends on your skin and your budget. But since your breaking out it good to have atleast a clean up or a facial once a month if not the whole package. 

I know of girls who just take there regular clean ups every month, a regular mani-pedi and then just take a single sitting of the whole pre-bridal package and still have the bridal 'glow'. 

 If your hair is dry or damaged then you might need a hair spa treatment otherwise just take a facial/cleanup for your face and decide the rest upon your budget.

Also try home remedies such as : Uptan or a cucumber face pack,,, I did a whole post on this you can read here :
Also read the comments..other readers have given further advice on it!

and my normal skin care regime is given here, I actually used a number of products and the post contains only those that helped me, I don't take a lot of risk since my skin is very sensitive :

Also Malai helps, just put it on for 15 min and wash it of, skin becomes super soft and 'chikni'. I strongly recommend Garnier Body Cocoon for softer skin or Johnson and Johnson's baby Oil.

 Make sure that you use creams and Oils during winters! 
Dink a lot of water and keep your self healthy! T

he way to a good skin is to have a healthy well cared skin, whatever the color maybe. Try out home remedies since they are safer and less prone to having a negative reaction.

Also don't worry! 

Girls any other advice?!?

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