Monday, November 12, 2012

Notice /Update/ I am not sure

Posts will be irregular, all over the place and some times won't make sense.

Please bare with me while I try to keep the bridzilla in me under control.

I do feel guilty of leaving you guys in the middle but will be back soon with regular posts on all wedding updates including what I wore and things that happened.

In other news :

The whole dance sequence has been trashed, updated and bye bye 2 months of practice and welcome 3 days crash course of dance.

One of my sister refuses to dance so now I have to find backups...thank god for friends!

I have just realized that I am the only one among family and extended family which has not thought of any dress to wear for the Pooja, will nick something from the trousseau.

I am not packed, havn't started, don't have a plan.....thinking of stuffing everything in a suitcase and just sending all the stuff to in-laws.

Need a good vacation, couple of days in Agra??? anyone free (mom?!)

Things are a little calm.....which is weird I thought they would be a little panicked instead, but thats good.

Other good news is that my nails are co-operating and I haven't broken them yet ( 2 glasses of milk everyday helps and switching from querty to touch phones helps). Touch wood!

I am not gaining weight (neither am I losing it).

Overhead at a Salon :

Why do people who are just guest, mind you not close family but more like 'shakarpur kay chachaji ke chotey baytey ki sali' feel they are as important as the bride and demand to get their makeup done via the bride's own Make up Artist (MUA).

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