Saturday, November 17, 2012

Of Chocolate Wax, Malai and Dentist..

Chocolate Wax :

Waxing has always been my arch enemy. My mom thankfully enrolled me for a laser treatment the minute I was eligible.

Even after laser getting chocolate wax is advisable since laser can not remove tiny light color hairs and wax helps with that as well as removes suntan! Plus the advantage of chocolate wax over normal one is it makes your skin baby soft!

Malai :

Ah! the advantage of Indian home remedies. How blessed are we when our mom knows exactly what to do to make our skin softer with things in her kitchen.

You all know all about uptan right!? I did a post on it a few months back in case you forgot check here .
Well just add malai of Full cream milk in it. You will fall in love with your skin!

Dentist :

Even though we take care of our teeth the best way possible a little help doesn't hurt. Visit a dentist atleast a week before the functions for a clean up!

Warning : My dentist has advised me against bleaching as it can cause 'challa' in the mouth. So consult a good dentist incase you need bleaching badly otherwise please avoid!


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