Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wedding Files 2 : What will I wear to my brother's engagement??

Ooh I am so super confused! I have a list of things that the lehenga should make me look like :

a) Royal
b) Newly Wed
c) NOT fat
d) Responsible elder Nand (although my brother is elder than me, because I got married first and my bhabhi is younger I am now older....does that make sense?!)
e) Should look WOW without looking too wow (so as not to over shadow my bhabhi's lehenga, which I am sure it won't my bhabhi's lehenga is totally wow!, but should be 'wow' enough so that it doesn't blend in with other sister's lehenga's :/ )
f) Should be re-usable for another relatives wedding.

So far I loved this stiff brocade lehenga which made me look 'responsible-elder-nand' but my mom says its not flattering :'(

I also saw a velvet lehenga which I thought might make me look fat but surprisingly it doesn't, I kind of look good in it, but I am not 100% convinced.

I want my look to be some what like this :

I am bent towards blue this time, because no one let me wear blue on my wedding :'(

Any suggestions?


  1. I remember my lehenga search days. I was skeptical regarding velvet but when i wore it, it made me look slimmer and taller too. Do check out Chandni chowk, m sure you will find your pick. When is the wedding btw?

  2. Try a corset Lehenga it will make your upper body look more structured with velvet skirt. Trust me velvet look superb. I was also hesitant to buy that but I was happy withy decision of velvet skirt on which I wore on my engagement. Also since you are only sister you can afford to look over the top with some ethnic jewelry. For h
    Hair you could try some gajras or soft messy curls to look married yet girly.

    1. I feel corset will make me look fatter :'( I have gained sooooo much weight! But yes velvet surprisingly looked really good, but I couldn't find a design I liked so ended up buying something non-velvet (will be on the blog soon)

      and OMG I totally forgot about hair and stuff, I have to decide that too!

  3. All lehenga's are so beautiful.


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