Monday, August 25, 2014


Did you miss me, did you, did you? I guess not :((

I am sorry for just disappearing off the charts like an idiot with no excuse, I have absolutely no idea why I did that, I just needed some time off to think things through.

I wanted to understand where I wanted this blog to go, what my vision for it was, and I just needed some time alone without having to worry that whether or not I have uploaded on the blog recently or not.

Plus I need sometime to get used to my new venture RGV Love, where I make an absolute fool of myself on camera to make people laugh :P

If you have stuck with me and plan to stick me future you will slowly realize I always have a new 'venture', I just love exploring things. :P

Having said all that, I know I said I will be back in September and well its still August, right?! So why am I back? I don't know, I woke up this morning and all that passion I had to blog just came rushing back, that excitement of weddings and the lust for the perfect red lehenga's woke me up at 6 this morning, and I knew, just knew that I have to write! There are sooooo many things wedding related going on how can I not share!!

2 of my brothers are getting married plus there is another close wedding in the family, my calender is all booked with wedding stuff!!

And you know what, I don't have a vision for this blog, I don't! When I started it, it was to keep my memories alive, I started this as an anonymous writer telling her wedding story to the world! I want to continue sharing that, and if it helps someone along the way, then good!

Here is whats in-store for you :

1. Reviews on Wedding Venues
2. Search for a MUA
3. Search for good Lehenga's in 50-60k range
4. Reviewing new shops
5. My normal Rants
6. Any advice I can think off, including how to get your maid to work for you.
7. Balancing work and home, specially when you work from home
8. Press releases
9. Wedding Features (including low/normal budget weddings!)
10. Taking stress out of wedding planning
11. Bridal emergencies
12. Birth control, pregnancy and other things no one talks to you about
13. Honeymoon and post-honeymoon
14. Trousseau shopping
15. Learning basic : How to tie a saree, basic party/everyday makeup, cooking, etc.
and sooooooo much more!!!

Comment below and tell me what else is it that your looking forward to reading on the blog!

PS: My spellings and grammar still haven't improved and I guess will not, this is what makes me, me...

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