Monday, July 14, 2014

Wedding Files 2 : 5 months to go!

Merey Bhai ki shadi hai! OOH Merey Bhaiya ki shaadi hai :D

(OMG, I just realized that I started my wedding files with 5 months minus 1day to go and I am starting my brothers with 5 months minus 2 days to go , lol)

Well you have seen me OBSESSING over all things bridal in my Wedding Files , you saw me become a bride from a bridezilla, you saw things from the bridal-family's eyes, And now its about time I start obsessing over things related to the groom side of the family.

My brother's getting married :D ye! and I am super thrilled because :
a) well its my brother, helloo...obviously!
b) I get to wear sundar sundar clothes again!

So whats happened so far,

Well the roka is done, which is not a huge function in our family (North Indian Brahmins, well Kaushik brahmin if you want details :P ) Its where the bride's family gives a nariyal to the groom.

Now in our side when I got married we gave a green nariyal i.e. kachha nariyal to my husband (well then fiance now hubby), however in my bhabhi's family they give dry nariyal which is what my brother was given.

We in return gave my future bhabhi a gold necklace, however when I got married my in-laws gave me 2 Saree's,  I think these comparisons would be great for us to understand how different families have slightly different traditions.

Well it was just our close family that met that day for dinner and this little ritual and now we are waiting for October for engagement and December for the wedding.

Here is a list of things done and not done :


It hasn't started yet, we had thought that we will probably shop around August but I am reconsidering that since SALES are on! plus a lot of exhibitions are there now.

My future-bhabhi says she has got one saree so far, last week.

We went to greenways to get a Saree for her and me for Teej, so thats the only shopping that's been done. Greenways, CP , sale has started too! Most of my trousseau saree are from there.


For Tilak and Wedding the venue's are booked, still deciding one for engagement. Girl if your wedding's getting fixed book a venue asap! EVERYTHING is booked up in December!


Not booked, and I am thinking of changing my makeup artist and trying out someone new, not because I didn't like what my MUA did, I LOVED it, but this time I just want to try something else :)

My future bhabhi hasn't booked her's as well.


We are going to go with the same ones we had for mine, that's Anjali's in Noida. Pictures are a too big risk to change at the last minute, plus we liked what they did and were within budget. Also a few of my brother's friends are candid photographers so might get one of those to shoot as well.

BAND, BAJA, Ghodi and BARAAT :

Jea band is booked! Have heard they are really good and even played at a few celebrity weddings :) , if any of you have had an experience with them, do tell!

Now MOST important of all, WHAT WILL I WEAR :

This is no joking matter, I mean what will I wear is a BIG question :P , the problem is I don't know :/ I want to wear my wedding lehenga but I am not sure, I might wear my wedding one on bhaiya's Tilak and my Tilak one, the orange one, on bhaiya's wedding.

And I might get something new for the engagement, thinking on these lines :


  1. Kudos!!!! What did you wear on Roka? Congratulations... I shall be sharing such news soon too. I am so obsessed with though what will I wear on my brother, SIL, BIL wedding and functions. I already bought 3 suits from Simran just bcz of sale And might wear them on any of functions. Congratulations to Di :)

  2. wow...great news !! congratulations to you and family... hoping to get a lot of fun posts from this wedding too!!



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