Saturday, June 14, 2014

Make my feet pretty!

I have great news for you guys! There is a wedding in the family which obviously means I will be back to obsessing over every single details of the wedding world :P

But this time it also means you will get to see how I either re-vamp or re-style my own wedding clothes, so together we can learn how to re-use!

Anyways there might be a function coming up around the corner (within a month), so obviously I panicked because :
a) I have no time to loose any weight
b) I cant exercise or diet, because I am unwell :/
c) My skin is like a pimple temple, and all pimples have come home to pray. :'(
d) Although I havn't walked around a lot in the last couple of weeks my feet look disgusting!

So as I type this with oil in my hair and a face pack firmly on my face, let me tell you about something I did yesterday.

I actually made use of something I found on Pinterest! Yup that happened.

This picture has been making rounds around the several boards and I really wanted to try it out as it looks simple enough.

I used 1/4 katori listerine (green, I only had green at my place)
1/4 katori vinegar
2 katori warm water

well originally I used 1/2 katori water only, but then I realized they meant cup..not katori.. :/ soooo I just added a little more water since my feet weren't getting 'soaked'.

I stayed that way for 10 minutes, and then wiped my feet. While the dry skin did look like it became a little loose, it didn't really 'fall off'. So I got a scrub and scrubbed off the dry skin, it did come off more easily then it normally would have.

Post this 'treatment' my feets were like super smooth like babies feet!!

So do I recommend this?

Yes defiantly!

I am not sure how clear it is in the picture, but the mixture did make a difference, try it out!!

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  1. Hi , just stumbled upon your blog. I also need an aggressive feet spa :) will definitely try this out.


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