Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Store Review : Ritu Kumar, South Extention Part 2

When Ritu Kumar store opened in South Extention all I could think was why didn't it open before! I really wanted to go shopping (read : window shopping) for my wedding. Although Ritu kumar did already have stores in other parts of Delhi I never really gave it a thought, after all JJ Valaya bridal lehenga's start at 4-5L, from what I had heard, so Ritu Kumar's would be similar, no?!
So I skipped the whole visiting designer store scene.

However if the south extension store would have been open then I would have surely entered just out of curiosity. After all it is on the way to every where I went wedding shopping. As a traditional bride Ritu Kumar would have been the perfect designer for me.

I went anyways last week, just to go experience.

Near the entrance were a lot of western wear by Label Ritu Kumar, the brand that Ritu kumar's son handles. Personally I do not like it very much, They were ok, good, wearable but not something I would buy from a 'designer' shop why would I pay 3,000-5,000 for a tunic when I know I can get a similar one at Zara or Mark and Spencer at 1,500-3,000 range.

There were however few dresses that seemed worth the price and design value.

When I moved on to look at the Anarkali's I couldn't help but exclaim "ooh the colors!" They were all put together color wise, and the colors flowed from whites to soft blues, to pinks, reds, blacks. I wouldn't say that they had every color under the roof but the ones that were there were soo pretty!!

Price wise, I checked a few and they were all around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000.

I moved on excitedly to the lehenga section, honestly I didn't spend a lot of time looking at the Anarkali's I was too excited to look at the lehenga's.

I saw the racks, I saw reds and maroon, I saw zardozi, I saw handwork that you hardly get these days, I saw my mother's lehenga look-alikes What!? This can't be....all this time I was super excited and looking forward to see extraordinary work of art using the oldest Indian embroideries to say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

It wasn't until I left the racks and made my way back slowly that I saw something glittering inside the huge display tables, more lehenga's?! I wondered. I asked the sales girl and she said "These are the ones that are too heavy to hang". She pulled out drawers and laughed out loud when she saw my expression.

"So this is where you hide all the good stuff" I said without thinking and then hurriedly added "Errr...I mean the ones on the racks are also good, it just these are....ahh..more..pretty.." *cheeky smile*

Ofcourse no photography is permitted inside the store so I went online to see if any of the pieces had been on the ramp, here are few that are similar to the ones I saw at the store :

There was also an extremely pretty one in pink, cant seem to find one that looks similar.

And a very royal one that had embroidery like the one below:

Although this picture is of a Rohit Bal sherwani during India Bridal Week, the embroidery and the rich look is similar to the lehenga I saw.

When I asked the price the SA replied most of them are 1L or 1.5L, I must have asked her thrice just to confirm. There may or may not be ones that are priced higher, but the ones I liked including the pretty pink one were all 1-1.5L. 

Do they customize?
They can make it to your size but they need 3-4 weeks notice. They prefer if you buy directly off the rack.

Can they change the color?
The SA said she can ask and confirm but it is preferred you take it in the color its available in, after all if the designer didn't make it in any other color it was for the obvious reason that it looked way better in the color its available in.  hmmm....makes sense.

So should you visit??
If your looking for a traditional lehenga with a twist. The elegance of a real true Indian Bride, then Yes!
But if your the minimalist bride which is giving everyone heart attacks because of the lack of 'bling' and gold on your lehenga then you can skip.

As for trousseau Anarkali's and Saree's they were good, but nothing wow.

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