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Knots and Hearts : The Wedding Planners YOU Need!

When I hear of Wedding Planners I always end up thinking of this creative group of people who sit together and decide a theme for your wedding and just take over everything, and they are basically just business people who take everything in a work-mode way, but then I read about Shyam and Kalash and I just really liked the fact that they just don't want to 'plan' a wedding they want you to experience it, and the best thing is that they understand that a wedding although centered towards the Bride and Groom is still a Family affair!

Two finance postgraduates, Shyam and Kalash met and love happened. What followed was a start of a beautiful love story which is still being written everyday.

With this knot that tied both their hearts together came the desire to share this happiness with every couple who wanted to make their wedding journey special. Hence was born Knots and hearts! Knots and Hearts, is geared up to make each day of your wedding a different experience. 

They believe that, wedding is special and has to be memorable not just for you but for your whole family. 
(and I totally agree on this!)

The end- to - end solutions for your entire wedding include venue, decor, entertainment, wedding trousseau, guest management to your honeymoon destination.

 A team of experts from various fields including wedding stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, jewelers, choreographers, wedding photographers and video experts to name a few...that fit into every budget, work with them to realize the bride/groom vision. (Sounds good, doesn't it?!)

Now I know Budget can be tricky and I always thought that Wedding planners work only with high budget weddings (after all, having no money constrain has its positives! ) So I went ahead and asked them what their thoughts are on this :

As we have always said that weddings have the emotional ingredient in them, thus planning each wedding involves a lot of detailing. Whether it is a 10 lakh wedding or a crore wedding, we ensure that the creativity and exclusivity is always at the high.
Coming to the budget on weddings, 

We make sure that we give you the best your money can buy.

we have done weddings from lakhs to crores. We maintain quality, so that we can make even a 5 lakh wedding look elegant.

That sounds good, I ofcourse love to know what your favorite moments are in a wedding: 
There are many!
1. The serene moments of the bride and the groom during their wedding shoot gives us a sense of contentment and happiness.
2. When we hear guests saying that this one of the most comfortable and well arranged wedding that we have attended.
3.  Kanya daan is one of the most precious moments of any Hindu wedding.
4. The bachelorette parties are the most fun- going moments of weddings.
5. The vows are prayers made at a Christian wedding are miraculous.

What would be your  message to the Bride and Groom?

It is your day, make the most of it and live those moments to the fullest.
Relax and enjoy and leave all the stress part to the wedding planners.
Prepare yourself for the D-day at least six months prior.
Get your wedding wardrobe in place at least a month prior.
Get your spa treatments done, to give you a stunning look.
Maintain a balanced diet and tone your body to give you the pictures of a lifetime.
and Make sure you go for a trial of all your wedding apparels at least 15 days before.

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